Blaze is a jake from a universe and from the nearfuture After Stopping the Apocalypse caused by the shadow clan Jake is the only survivor in the world. Powers: blaze is really powerful due to his large power. He also has his weapon, a short sword which can change form into any weapon. He can also manifest energy blasts with his weapon. He also can manifest portals through anywhere in the multiverse with his weapon. he has a Robotic tiger arm he didnt lost his arm, he can stop time and more since he took the borrowed the power of his friends. he's from a Alternative future who injected himself with time serum he is very calm He blames abby for everything that gone wrong he is calm to convince the current jake to follow his plan to save the past. He is also very Sentimental about kate and his Friends. He has stronger versions of the original jake's attacks He can control time for a few seconds He can Rewind time and visit another alternate universe also he can also become invincible for a short amount of time by using power but it takes a lot of energy.

Calling himself "blaze", he lives in a gloomy world . he wants to completely change the past, but as he tries to get other jake to do it. If he don't agree, he will restart time and start over again. In hopes to get him on his side.

injecting himself with timelapse . Blaze lives in the a world without time


. However, he can travel through the space time continuum without risking death or being erased.

His mission is to save his future by stopping the shadow clan and thus killing them, ensuring everybody will no longer get the distress they don't deserve. However, he cannot do it himself , . So, he tries to convince jake to kill abby.

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