corrupted/Aka The Competitor he was an original jake but when the glitch in the matrix effected him he became evil and corrupted heartless  cruel chaotic catastrophe cataclysm.He have red wires that comes out of inside his hands which can control and mutilate anyone it touches if he wishes too, he also have red cables that comes out of inside his hands that takes control a person's mind and can minipulate time and space and open black holes the fusion between Midnight and Himself, its also the form he takes when he's near death It is said that this form is even Stronger than his base form and has the power to match anubis and can even hold his ground against blade. this jake is from a alternative distorted universe power and abilities: glitch paws his paws become spritial like a lion paws /distorted roar  : jake shoots a large enegry beam look like a tiger roar but spritial his ability he can run faster than the speed of sound and also has incredible hunting skills he can create, shape and manipulate data/digital information from systems and networks, convert real objects/entities into data and vice versa.He can also manipulate matter/energy by controlling the dimension it is occupying in a telekinetic fashion. the telekinetic feats may be as simple as lifting objects with overwhelming force, or more complex procedures such as distorting the dimensional fabric and/or even altering/destroying/rearranging the entire structure of reality of his targets.corrupt can create, shape and manipulate discs of any sizes and material, shaping and combining them as needed, or moving them with telekinesis.  corrupt can scan/analyze any existence/phenomenon, and freely recreate/manipulate them once the corresponding information has been decoded. he don't possess any particular intelligence or intuition, his abilities are thus strictly limited to the data collected, and while compatible templates are easily combined, actual breakthroughs require extensive research/experiments. / Relationships: Gl!tch / negative samp techno max V!rus distorted stealth metal sally.

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