HTTP 404! power of the 4th wall These lasers can travel through and into timelines. They can erase you if the lasers hit you. He also has Electrokinesis, Energy Absorption, Energy Redirection, Energy Conversion.

Mind Wrap This Power makes the cables plugs in a person and inside your mind, unlike C0RrUP#3ed's cables This power will Brainwash anyone without them even knowing it. Example: Jake could be calmly talking to Kate, but in reality, he's attacking her. his twin brother C0RrUP#3ed. He can recharge with his plugs on his hands that feeds off electricity

Death Ray: Fires a blast from his fingers that will detach any body part

HTTP 404! Elmination mode

This form is activated when HTTP 404! is near death and fuses with C0RrUP#3ed, And will only do so when he's in need of major assistance. . this is a Jake from an alternative universe
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