is a more Cold-Blooded version of jake and is an insane sociopathic killer mastermind, Who's been one of the test subjects of a corrupt experiment by Abby. After the apocalypse caused by the shadow clan . he can shapeshift and camouflage with great stealth. A lot of people assume that he is some insane psychopath out on the hunt for some fresh blood. If so, you're wrong. he is definitely not entirely sane, but there's still pieces of his real self in there somewhere However, small pieces may come back every now and then. his sister of course the black widow. due to being in a harsh envoirment for so long, he's become extremely cautious with everything and is generally unsafe to approach. Instead of chasing his prey he prefers to lure them into his trap or hunt them down. Which is why it's best to keep your distance and give him a good challenge. Flipping to the more psychological side of things,with mild hallucinations and unpredictable mood swings.when his luring technique comes in handy. He has a matchete for battle or razor blades for chase he addresses himself as The Exterminator a High Rank Hunter. His relationship with kate is the same. he has an extreme animosity for the new Queen of Animalia Abby,he has malevolence towards her. he can also create creepy illusions with his hallucination gas he has all types of weird toxic gas just in case.and different types of animal dna. He only Relies on his Friends and family but most likey might lose trust in them in the world of survival so he might betray them before they betray him. he believes some people are trustworty. one of the test subjects of the corrupt experiments are: The Exterminator/Jake, Adiran/Rogue, Draco/Stealth, Kate/BlackWidow, Stitch/Scamp, And Mal/Max, Cyrus/Sally.
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